Media Theory for the 21st Century

January 26, 2008

week 4: code websites

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hi all,
i’ll be discussing processing ( in class on tuesday. i chose processing because it’s an incredibly fast and flexible software tool for visual designers + one of it’s creators (casey reas) is the head of the design | media arts program here at UCLA.

“processing relates software concepts to principles of visual form, motion, and interaction. it integrates a programming language, development environment, and teaching methodology into a unified system” (reas and fry, “processing”, 1). processing is an open source software / programming language that is based on java.

the websites i’ll be discussing on tuesday:

website 1

valence by ben fry

“the image on this page is taken from a visualization of the contents of the book “the innocents abroad” by mark twain. the program reads the book in a linear fashion, dynamically adding each word into three-dimensional space.”
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website 2

process 6 by reas, 2005

“text that defines a process”…
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