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March 11, 2008

Items of Interest

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Hello Everyone,

Scheduling conflicts prevent me from attending class today and talking about these in person, so please forgive the impersonal post. These are a couple of things (one web directory and one event) in which I thought the class participants might be interested.

UC New Media Directory

The UC New Media Directory provides a guide to new media researchers and programs in the University of California system, which has invested strategically in this area.

Please take a look at the other graduate student bios and send me your information if you would like to be added: kknight08 at gmail dot com

Transcriptions Multimedia Research Slam

I’d like to invite you all to participate in this event. We are running the Research Slam on a smallish scale this year with the intention of extending its scope in 2009.

Call for Participation

Transcriptions Research Slam
Where the Poster Session Meets the Poetry Slam

Friday, May 9
1pm – 4pm

One of the goals of UCSB’s Transcriptions Center is “to demonstrate a paradigm—at once theoretical, instructional, and technical—for integrating new information media and technology within the core work of a traditional humanities discipline.” With this in mind, the center is hosting a Research Slam: an experimental research presentation model that seeks to highlight the unique work done by scholars of media and information technology.

While lectures, brown bag presentations, and research round tables can be informative and lively, the Research Slam is interested in taking the best components of these and combining them with the best qualities of a poster session and a poetry slam. We are seeking to provide a forum for the presentation of ideas that un-structures, and perhaps goes beyond, the traditional academic encounter. As such, the Research Slam will consist of three sequential media poster sessions, followed by a discussion session that brings the entire group together. Each poster session will include one highlighted presentation to be projected at the front of the room.

A Research Slam is:

  • Non-linear intellectual encounters
  • Smaller, more personalized discussions, followed by a large group session
  • Multi-media, multi-modal, multi-temporal
  • Inclusive of faculty and students
  • Performative, interactive, playful
  • Burning man without the fire
  • A Poetry/Art slam without the judging
  • Interested in new paradigms of sharing scholarly work

A Research Slam is not:

  • Hierarchically divided into presenters & audience
  • Rigidly structured
  • Quiet
  • Lecture-based
  • Traditional

The UCSB Transcriptions Research Slam invites multi-media presentations/demonstrations that take advantage of the unique structure of the event. In other words, if you need some kind of information technology to show it, we invite you to participate. Presentations may be on any topic and may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • original media pieces
  • software / hardware demonstrations
  • performative scholarship
  • live coding
  • audio work
  • robots
  • short films
  • digitized interpretation

Please indicate your intention to participate via email ( by Tuesday, April 1, 2008. We require a title, brief description, and any equipment needs in order to arrange the sessions.


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