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January 23, 2008

Literary vs. Literature

Filed under: Discussion — hbench @ 4:48 pm

This question is kind of directed at Prof. Hayles, but could be answered by probably any of you literarily-inclined folks….Prof. Hayles distinguishes between literature and the literary, and I’m just wondering what constitutes their difference, or more precisely, what “the literary” borrows from literature. I have a sense of the difference (I think it’s similar to a distinction I make between dance and choreography), but I’m not sure what literary-ness entails. Especially since Prof. Hayles in last night’s class said that the Dream Life of Letters was an art object, but not literature (or literary?). So, what demarcates the realm of the literary as opposed to literature on the one hand and non-literary art objects on the other? harmony 

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